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    Join Girl Scouts!

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Girl Scouts delivers the best leadership experience for girls, setting them up for a lifetime of success. Every year, thousands of inspiring future leaders are honored with the Girl Scout Gold Award, the most prestigious award in the world for girls, and the most difficult to earn. See how Gold Award Girl Scouts are taking action, creating change today for a better tomorrow.

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    The Girl Scout Difference
    Girl Scouts offers the best leadership development experience for girls. The inclusive, all-female environment of a Girl Scout troop creates a safe space where girls can try new things and be themselves. 


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    Report: Decoding the Digital Girl 
    Learn how girls are using their digital experiences to improve their lives, their communities, and the world. This research report explores how girls—and Girl Scouts—exhibit leadership in the digital world. 



Girl-Led, Girl-Tested, Girl-Approved

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Girl Scouts is the place where girls can explore, discover, and just be themselves! From adventuring outdoors or experimenting with science to saving a park or developing new skills, Girl Scouting prepares girls for a lifetime of leadership.

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Whether they are protecting our environment, lobbying the city council, or speaking up for the vulnerable, Girl Scouts always have unforgettable, inspiring stories to tell about how they make a difference in the world.

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Raising Awesome Girls

Raising girls to be happy, healthy, and successful is simpler than ever with help from Girl Scouts. 

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Your Girl Gets Angry (and That’s OK)

If your girl is angry, there’s probably a good reason why. But, with your support, your girl can go beyond managing her anger to actually using it for good.

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6 Things Bilingual Kids Need You to Know

Speaking more than one language is going to be awesome for your girl as she grows up, but it can come with challenges, too!

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Stop Solving Your Kid's Problems

While your girl might need guidance to handle conflict—and it might take more time to get things resolved than if you jumped in—the confidence and skills she’ll gain in being able to weather her own storms will be worth it

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The Importance of Trying

Is she too worried about letting people down? By age 13, nearly half of girls say they "aren't allowed to fail."

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See how Girl Scouts take the lead to change the world!